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Meet your new virtual assistant

BatonSync is here to help with managing your music ensemble classroom. Instrument inventory management, uniform management, ensemble management, equipment management, student information and details, finances, and more can all be managed with BatonSync.


Your tools should not bust your activity fund. A subscription to BATONSYNC is accessible for even the tightest of budgets.


Forget the stacks of binders that are more than a decade old. Let BATONSYNC help you keep your information, from students to lockers all in one place.


Use your internet connection to access your data any time any where, securely, with BATONSYNC.

Simple, transparent pricing

As education budgets get tighter and tighter, the cost of your tools are important. Keep more money focused on your programs. BatonSync has straight forward price of $20/month OR $240/year per subscription. You can take the guesswork out of choosing which package is right for you because all features are available for every subscription.

Want to take a look around?

Use Pat, our demo user, and take BatonSync for a spin. Just log in with username: "pdemo" and password: "demoletmein"

Check out the guide.

Download the user guide and see what BatonSync can do for your classroom. Guide

One flat rate


Manage up to 8 schools

Unlimited management of all your assets from students, to equipment, instruments, and finances.

Keep your assistants in the loop, share schools between BatonSync users

Built by Directors

A few years ago, I (Jennifer) was getting ready to do instrument inventory in my band room at my middle school. I had recently found out that the district technology department had gone through the school and “cloned” - essentially wiped out - all of the school computers. I had lost everything including class records, locker check sheet pages, and my entire instrument inventory and repair history. Ugh. The. Worst.

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