Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a user guide?

    Yes! Download the user guide and see what BatonSync can do for your classroom. Guide

  • How many schools can I have in my account?

    Each director can have 8 schools that they own and an additional 8 that can be shared with them. If you teach at more than 8 (or 16!) schools, then contact us to discuss your particular situation.

  • How many ensembles can I have in my account?

    Each director can have any number of ensembles in each of their schools as they want. Directors can create sub groups and call them ensembles as well. Ensembles can be named anything as well. However, all ensemble metrics are pre-set with instrumentation, total enrollment, gender, and grade.

  • Can I share my account info with my assistant?

    Yes! Each director needs to have a BatonSync account, and the main/head director can share a school code with any number assistants who will all have editing privileges but not deleting privileges. A director can have up to 8 schools shared with them.

  • Are there parent and student logins?

    No. BatonSync is a tool for music educators to organize their music classrooms.

  • If I already have an electronic version of my inventories, can I upload them to BatonSync?

    Yes! BatonSync has spreadsheet templates that you can use to upload your students, instruments, equipment, and locker inventory.

  • If I forget how to use something on BatonSync, how can I get help to remember it?

    Our user guide is very helpful in outlining the steps each director can follow to make the setup and navigation through BatonSync very easy. Additionally, we really tried to make sure the menus, buttons, and page setups intuitive.

  • Is there a music library feature?

    Not yet. we are currently developing a music library solution that we hope to have out soon.

  • Does BatonSync provide training?

    We tried to engineer BatonSync in such a way that is easy and intuitive to use and work hard to improve it everyday. We would rather you spend the money on your program. If after having gone through the user guide and application you still feel that training is necessary, we could set up training on a case by case basis.